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Storytelling is my passion. Fashion, travel + lifestyle are my forté. What I write? Editorial features, brand copy, emails, social media—and anything else you need. Contact:

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The Clock Strikes Cocktail Hour | Inspirato Magazine

San Francisco has long loved its cocktails. Today, it’s home to an ever-burgeoning scene where cocktails—from classics to cutting-edge and complex varieties—are stealing the spotlight.

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San Francisco 101 | Inspirato Magazine

Right around the same time those 13 colonies were declaring their independence, Spanish settlers were building a church near a beautiful bay, 3,000 miles away.

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The Bayside Way: Guide to Shopping SF | Inspirato Magazine

San Francisco often gets a bad rap for its fashion sense. But one thing is certain: it’s impossible to impeach the city’s shopping scene – one I have been successfully mining over the years.