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gail goldberg

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Storytelling is my passion. Fashion, travel + lifestyle are my forté. What I write? Editorial features, brand copy, emails, social media—and anything else you need. Contact:

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Hannagpiv article

Red Typewriter | TV

I first became aware of Lena Dunham about four years ago when I watched and became smitten with Tiny Furniture...

Onepieceownders article

Red Typewriter | Fashion

Does the mere mention of the word “romper” take you to a place where baby pink, drooling toddlers and cartoon characters roam free?

Screenshot 2014 07 02 09.42.20 article

Red Typewriter | Fashion

Never underestimate the power of flowers. With seemingly magical powers, they add new life to a dull kitchen or cluttered desk—and, now, your closet.

Screenshot 2014 03 29 12.26.08 article

Red Typewriter | Body

You may think everyone in your orbit has long been doing it—sun saluting, tree posing and namaste-ing. I say: breathe.